A Goddess Inside and Out!

A Goddess Inside and Out!

From the first moment I connected with Shane Enholm of Santa Clarita Tattoo on Facebook, I had to meet him. There’s nothing better than honesty, integrity, openness and passion coming from the artist’s mouth, then checking out his work, knowing that indeed, he puts his “money” (in this case his work), where his mouth is. In less than 3 months, I’ve already been inked 4 times by Shane. He’s more than a tattooist, he’s a storyteller, a musician, a historian, a family man and a grandpa. And sitting in his chair, I learned a lot about the man, all while marveling at his artistry, eye, and his skill. Julian is also an artist there… Soft spoken, polite, friendly and bad to the bone. And I mean badass…I don’t live any where near the shop, yet it has become a mecca, like a favorite pub or hang out where you walk through the doors for a good time, the perfect drink by the bartender who knows you well, and absolutely no bulls*^t… I look forward to more ink from a man who has now become my friend for life… Yeah, I can tell you about the shop in terms of how clean and professional it is, etc… That should be a given with 4 tattoos and more to come… My point is, if you’re serious about your ink like I am, then seriously check out Shane & Julian… Walk in for some ink… Walk out with an experience.

debra wilson, actress comedian and our spiritual godmother

I have four tattoo’s 2 i got at two other shops in the Santa Clarita Valley,after the first one i cried,it was so bad ,i didn’t even see it till i got home the guy covered it and taped it and told me to leave it on a couple hours, so i went to another shop to get another tattoo and see if he could fix the first one, he said there was no way he could cover it,he did my next tattoo it was way better than the first but still wasn’t very good so i went to Santa Clarita Tattoo, and they were able to cover the other two and now they look great! Now i’ve gotten two more and planning another,thanks Shane you rock!!!!!

linda w,

Julian is the man!
I have known of his work for a number of years… and hands down this guy is an artist to the extreme.
Regardless if the work is something basic or to the extreme he is capable, efficient, quick and pain free (okay that part is a lie, the pain is inevitable) But if you don’t want a little pain, then get a manicure instead… Otherwise, if you want some amazing quality work at great prices this company is the best I have seen and recommend all my colleagues too..
Julian you never tend to disappoint me.
The compliments keep pouring in..
Your a good guy!
Thanks for the great advice, great work and for getting me in at the last moment.. My girl has never been more happy since I had it done…
Thanks bud,

rick f,

I stopped in to see if Karen was there for a piercing and she was. She spent a good 10 minutes talking to me about a nose piercing and another 5 helping me pick out the perfect piece of jewelry. I previously had a nose ring and had several questions that she thoroughly answered. The piercing was SO quick which I really appreciated and she also made sure I knew she was available any time in the future if I had further questions, any healing issues, needed new jewelry or any other problems or questions!

erin h,